Final Fantasy XV – Review

finalfantasyxv-1After ten years in production that long time awaited Final Fantasy XV has arrived in November 29, 2016. as a longtime fan and being Final Fantasy my favorite series in videogames and Final Fantasy VII being my all time favorite game, I took my sweet time to play it to completion.

With such a legacy standing behind it, so many memorable stories, characters and worlds throughout the series and most of all, the very controversial reception to Final Fantasy XIII, this game had a lot to prove right from the get go. So, how did it do?

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Tales of Graces f

Tales of Graces f BoxI’m a big fan of Japanese RPGs and after playing Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360 and having a blast with it some years ago I was excited to play Tales of Graces f on the PS3 but how does it stands?

I will start by saying I’ve had mixed feelings about this game. Even thought Tales of Graces is an enhanced port of a Wii game and it would be unfair to expect it to at least have the same quality of graphics as Tales of Vesperia, there are some things that I think are not excusable but before going about the bad, let’s start with the good part because what is good in it, is actually really good. Continue reading

Mass Effect 3 – Review and Endgame thoughts (with spoilers)

After so many characters, planets, side stories and adventures it is hard to not be invested in the Mass effect universe. With that in mind, this review will be more of a personal experience than a review, which in some way is good but on the other hand there should be some spoilers, probably for the first two games of the series but in occasion the third as well.

So, Commander Sheppard is back to stop the Reapers and as soon as the game starts you are in full force into it. After a few scenes you realize instead of fighting head on the optimal course of action would be to gather the forces across the galaxy while at the same time working on a discovered weapon against the Reapers designed by ancient civilizations. Continue reading