Mass Effect: Andromeda – Short Review

Like I mentioned in my last post, I played two games on my PlayStation 4 while waiting for the release of Persona 5. One was a fantastic surprise, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The other was a huge disappointment and I’m sad to say that the disappointing one was Mass Effect Andromeda.

First thing worth mentioning is that Mass Effect Andromeda is by no means a bad game, it’s just a big let down. Considering how incrementally better each of the previous games were I think it’s safe to say fans were expecting it to be at least on the same level of Mass Effect 3 (minus the ending). And this is on my opinion the biggest fault of this game, as aside from a few things, it feels worse in every way. Continue reading


Mass Effect 3 – Review and Endgame thoughts (with spoilers)

After so many characters, planets, side stories and adventures it is hard to not be invested in the Mass effect universe. With that in mind, this review will be more of a personal experience than a review, which in some way is good but on the other hand there should be some spoilers, probably for the first two games of the series but in occasion the third as well.

So, Commander Sheppard is back to stop the Reapers and as soon as the game starts you are in full force into it. After a few scenes you realize instead of fighting head on the optimal course of action would be to gather the forces across the galaxy while at the same time working on a discovered weapon against the Reapers designed by ancient civilizations. Continue reading

Mass Effect 2 Review

I should start by saying that Mass Effect 2 is an incredible game, one of the best I have ever played. It’s such an unique experience that it is hard to compare. It’s not without its flaws but the good things easily surpass whatever could’ve been better in the game.

First I’ll get of my chest my complains because after that it’ll be all wonders.

When the game starts, you get to import your character from Mass Effect 1, which in my case was a vanguard. In Mass Effect 1 I had a lot of different powers, so I decided to keep this class, as we have an option to change class, but if I knew what was coming to me … Continue reading