Resident Evil 7 – Review

resident_evil_7_biohazard__pc_boxartResident Evil is among my favorite franchises for many years, together with Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. After The action packed Resident Evil 5 and the disaster that is Resident Evil 6, combined with Capcom DLC practices in recent years I have to admit I’ve had little faith this franchise would once again be a shadow of what it once was. This is one of those days I love to be wrong! The daddy of survival horror is back!

The story starts with you receiving a message from your loved one, Mia, which has been missing from the past 3 years. You go look for her in this strange house in Louisiana where strange things start to happen. Continue reading

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Review

3001804-0839498132-28769Uncharted 4, the lastest and possibly the last journey of Nathan Drake arrived on the Playstation 4 on May 2016 and just now I got a chance to play it.

Uncharted became one of my all time favorite franchises and certainly my favorite from the last generation of videogames, so how does it fare now that it has jumped to the Playstion 4?

Continue reading

inFamous: First Light – Short Review

infflps4What a pleasant surprise! I got this game as a Playstation Plus user but back then I didn’t have a Playstation 4 at the time. Now for whatever reason I decided to give it a try, even though I heard it wasn’t as good as Infamous Second Son, which I did not have played so far. What I can say is that if Infamous Second Son is so much better then First Light, I can’t wait to put my hands on it because fantastic!

This is a stand alone DLC, so one doesn’t need to own Infamous Second Son to play it, but with that in mind, this is still a much shorter game. From what I understand, you only have access to a small portion of the city which in the original game is much bigger. Even so, every part of it is beautiful, detailed and a joy to see. The graphics in this game are great. It is really incredible when you see developers getting better as time goes. But thankfully not only in graphics but in gameplay as well. Continue reading

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Review

mana khemia coverAfter becoming a fan of the Atelier series since I played Rorona way back when it was released now I’ve decided to go back to some earlier titles. I always though a portable version of these games would be great so I could try out my alchemy skills anywhere and when I saw Mana Khemia: Student Alliance on the Playstation Store I decided to give it a go. Continue reading

Tales of Xillia Review

Cast_of_ToXTales of Xillia is a Japanese RPG from Namco Bandai, and for those who not know, a series that started way back in the Super Famicon in Japan. While it doesn’t garner the same popularity as Final Fantasy its popularity grew a lot over the years not only in Japan but also in the West.

Story & Characters:

In this game of the series you have the option of playing as one of two protagonists, Jude, a young medical student or Milla Maxwell, the lord of spirits.

The story does start kind of slow and it can get a while before you get involved into it but once it does it has a way of grabbing you and not letting you go until the end. It can also get a little complicated at parts, especially when the characters start using terms from this created world and these words are so similar sometimes you can’t help but to feel confused. Nevertheless, the story while good is not something to be impressed but the characters are all very well done and likeable.

This for me was a particularly good point of this game. For reference, I played the last game in the series released for the Playstation 3, Tales of Graces, and in that game the characters were in my opinion so boring, bland and uninspired I could not for as much as I tried get attached to them.
In Tales of Xillia, you can rest assured because all of them, in each particular way good characters, even  their voices seem to match each of them well. Continue reading

Atelier Ayesha Review

Atelier-Ayesha-_partwork_Ayesha Since Atelier Rorona for the Playstation 3 I can safely say I have became a fan of the Atelier series. Even though I have yet to play previous games I played and had a great time all the games that followed it, as it is here with Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

If you are familiar with these past atelier games this one follows the tradition and doesn’t have much significant changes but some subtle ones that may make you like it more or a little less.For those not familiar with this series I will give a brief explanation.

You play as a young alchemist, exploring the world, fighting monsters and gathering materials which later you can use to synthesize many items, be them weapons, armor, healing items and even more. While doing so you meet a lot of fun and lighthearted different characters, having a huge amount of events and conversations, some being quite funny and most of them enjoyable.

The story of the game, and these last games in the series don’t have that usual “let’s save the world” which is common in JRPGs, so in essence this is a a nice, slow paced game and I might add a relaxing one at that. I personally love that aspect of it as you’re not in a hurry you have your time to explore and go about what you want to do as you see fit, well kinda of. Continue reading