This is my most recent attempt to have a reviews blog. The ones I tried before always end up with problems with the host so they were gone.

My last one was “Final Thought” which at first I liked the host a lot but over the time I would only be able to access it at random times. So imagine a blog that not even the owner can enter, how can he expect to someone else to read it ?

Anyway, with this new host, which is stable, fast, and the easiest to set up, since it’s all ready, I’ll bring what I can from my older blogs, which wasn’t that much and try to regularly update this one.

I appreciate anyone that comes in and if you like what you read just leave a comment!


PS: As this is a new blog I opted for a new name. Something that resonated to me but was also easy to remember, pronounce and sounds good.
“Mayonaka” (真夜中) is japanese for midnight. “Reviews” as it says, it’s what this blog will be mostly about.
I decided to use the word “Mayonaka” as influence of one of my favorite game franchises: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. In which the characters go to an alternate reality, in which the original version of the game is called Mayonaka Terebi (真夜中テレビ) or Midnight TV in english.

Since the reviews I’m doing here are in one way or another related to TV I thought up this combination and though it was good.


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