Deus Ex: Manking Divided – Short Review & Thoughts

While waiting for Persona 5 I recently played two games on my Playstation 4. One which was a fantastic surprise of how good of a game it is and one that was a huge let down. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, thankfully, was the fantastic surprise!

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the follow-up to the 2011 Deus Ex: Human Revolution, both games made by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix. I have to say how much I loved Human Revolution. Not only that game was superb, it also came at a very important time for me as my pet had died and I was really sad. For a few weeks after my pet had died I played Human Revolution and that was the only way to crack a smile out of my face so it helped me a lot in moving on and enduring the hardships of real life.

So when Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was announced I was excited. Not only the first game was great, well received by fans of the original, critics and newcomers like me, it also had a personal meaning to me. Unfortunately Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had a lot to prove even before its release. Without wasting too much time on this matter, the game had a scheme to try and force players to pre-order the game to guarantee certain DLC items, the more people pre-ordered it, the more stuff would be unlocked. This thing backfired so quickly and so badly even after the game released as at first the DLC items could only be claimed on your first save, thankfully this was patched later on. So in the end, like many, I avoided the game at release and decided to grab it later.

This controversy only saddens me because this game is great. This game plays pretty much just like Human Revolution, so while the character is a little tanky to control after a couple hours it’s easy to get used to it and honestly, the more I played I think this was a deliberate choice by the developers, this way you should really choose if you want to play stealthily or something more like an action game.

The scenarios and graphics look even better than the first game but not everything. Some of this is my personal opinion so I’ll explain. The first game had a sort of yellowish filter to everything, which in my opinion gave it a very distinct look. It made it feel futuristic but not in the usual science fiction look where everything is blue or green. Not that I don’t like bluish color palette as I certainly do and the original Deus Ex felt like that, but since Human Revolution was a new take, it felt right but for the sequel it’s gone. I would prefer if that color scheme was present more often but there are many places that will give that same vibe of the first game so in the end, even with that change I enjoyed the graphics very much.

Now what really made me fall in love for this sequel was the gameplay. I can’t pinpoint how it fares in comparison to the previous game as it has been years since I played it but if memory serves me well I think while not obvious, the places where you can choose which of your abilities to use are a little more intuitive and they happen more often. Maybe since I recently played through Dishonored focusing on stealth I was a little more perceptive to my options when approving an objective stealthily. Either way, playing the game without being seen, like a ghost, hacking my way through problems was a blast.

The only thing I did not care much was the story. The city you play in, Prague, feels and looks good, even if it lacks a bit of a sci-fi touch. Characters are interesting for the most part but the story itself was not engaging for me. Even so, the sidequests are fun, even better than the main plot given how much more focused they are, especially one where you help a detective look for a murderer of augmented people. Even if the story is nothing to right home about at least it was enough to get me moving and more than the story, the gameplay.

In the end this game was a lot of fun. If you’re a player that like science fiction, stealth gameplay, many options to approach objectives or even a mix of first and third person shooter, this game got you covered!

I highly recommend anyone to pick this one up, specially now that the controversies are behind and the game has some nice discounts.



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