Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch.2 Watanagashi – Short Review

So after a long hiatus I decided to come back to my blog and share my thoughts with everyone. This time I’ll share my thoughts on a Visual Novel which is currently among my favorites.

Wow , what a ride. Like the first chapter, Watanahashi puts you in the role a Maebare Keichi, a normal high school student who moved to the small town of Hinamizawa in the year of 1983.

Life starts in an everyday school life where and you and your friends have fun doing fun activities with your friends. That is until some mysteries about the village you are living in star to unveil and soon enough you are tangled in a mess of a situation.

So, about the story of the game, there’s not much to say without spoiling the experience but  I’ll say right now that after a slow start it gets amazingly fun! Without giving anything away I’ll at least add the genre of the story and while it’s obvious of what it is all he time, it would be something like slice of life in the beginning and after that a mix of mystery and horror.

About graphics and all there isn’t much to say about it as it is a visual novel but I think it’s worth to mention that using a graphics and audio patch are a must for fully enjoying it. The standard graphics of the game are in my opinion horrible but thankfully with the patch you can use the Playstation 3 version of the graphics that are quite an upgrade and those in my opinion look great.


I think I noticed a few new songs for this chapter and they were good but once again if I have one complain about the soundtrack is the same I had for the first game, one of the songs that plays when you are doing daily stuff.

Overall this was a great chapter in the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni series of visual novels. I took me 16 hours to play through all of it and I loved it from beginning to end.


Observation: If you’re coming into this quick review kind of consfued I wrote a quick review for the first chapter on the game on steam. Also, for those interested I’d like to add a small comparison to the first chapter. Without spoiling anything while I thought the story was better in chapter 2, in the first one it was much creepier. There was times in chapter one I got actually scared and while it didn’t happen with the same itensity in chapter 2 the story and the new information you discover about the village are much more interesting.
Overall, I think both chapters are equally good but a bit different.

The Pros and Cons of the game for me stay the same from the first


  • Great story, interesting mystery and captivating.
  • Visual are very pretty (with the fanmade patch)
  • Voice acting adds to the exprience (again, with the fanmade patch)
  • Music helps set the mood, especially in the more spooky moments.


  • Slow start but not as slow as the first chapter.
  • One particular track of the OST I don’t like but it’s beginning to grow on me.

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