inFamous: First Light – Short Review

infflps4What a pleasant surprise! I got this game as a Playstation Plus user but back then I didn’t have a Playstation 4 at the time. Now for whatever reason I decided to give it a try, even though I heard it wasn’t as good as Infamous Second Son, which I did not have played so far. What I can say is that if Infamous Second Son is so much better then First Light, I can’t wait to put my hands on it because fantastic!

This is a stand alone DLC, so one doesn’t need to own Infamous Second Son to play it, but with that in mind, this is still a much shorter game. From what I understand, you only have access to a small portion of the city which in the original game is much bigger. Even so, every part of it is beautiful, detailed and a joy to see. The graphics in this game are great. It is really incredible when you see developers getting better as time goes. But thankfully not only in graphics but in gameplay as well.

Your character, Fetch, is a superhero with the power of Neon. Sounds unusual but it works pretty well and make everything looks beautiful. With so much powers one might wonder if the controls would get confusing. Unlike the first two Infamous, this time the controls are intuitive and easy to grasp. This is such a joy to play as you don’t have to try and remember a ton of different combinations of powers with cryptic button combinations, here everything is at the push of a single button. Sure this may make things a little more restrictive but on the other hand it makes them much more organic and natural, so it was a big plus for me.

As for the story, it isn’t the best but I certainly enjoyed it. Given it is not very long I will avoid talking about it so I won’t spoil anything but enough to say it was good enough to make me see the end of it and it has a satisfying ending.

Overall Infamous First Light is a blast! Without playing Second Son I already found it to be way better than the previous Infamous games so I can’t wait for the full experience! This one is a game I highly recommend.

+ Beautiful not just in raw graphics but in choice of colors and lights as well.
+ Fluid controls
+ Side missions are fun

– The best part of some powers are only unlocked after beating the game.


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