Tearaway Review

20130510150307!Tearaway_boxartBeing a fan of previous MediaMolecule games Tearaway was sure to get my attention but I have to admit, with the little I had seen previously I was not convinced this would be something special like LittleBigPlanet. Well, thankfully I was wrong.

The first word I would use to describe this game is charming, more than platforming, more than adventure this game has charm written all over it.

With all that charm one may wonder if it does have substance. Well, it does but not as much as I would want from my platformers. Firstly I would say this because with all the great things this game have, and there are a bunch and I’ll get there in a moment, the is too easy. Now, don’t take this the wrong way, it is not because I like Dark Souls that I can’t appreciate an easy game as I love games I can just relax while playing but in Tearaway not a single aspect of the gameplay pushes you a little bit.

Not the puzzles, enemies, or the platforming ever make you do al ittle bit more. I know ut seems unfair to make a complain about this when I wouldn’t if I were playing Journey, Gone Home, Dear Ester or The Stanley Parable but in Tearaway you habe all the elements, and even get upgrades for them, so in the end it is possibly an expectation I have from the genre where you incrementally increase the difficulty a bit.

At least, as far as difficulty goes I would say this is a great title to recommend to not very skilled gamers or for introducing gaming to some.


So, with that mentioned, on to the good parts. The gameplay even if easy is very creative in how to use all of the PS Vita features to the fullest and here I am extremely glad to say that unlike Uncharted: Golden Abyss, nothing ever feels like a gimmick. It is all so natural and in tune with the game that it helps you to get immersed and having an overall much better experience. Be it platforming against enemies and even interacting with other charactres, everything gets better for it.

The world you’re in is gorgeous, as everything else in the game is.

In short, for whatever reason, everything is made of paper and the good thing about it is that often the game asks you to create something with an in-game tool. There is a moment in which the game asks you to make snowflakes because there are little of them in the world. I decided to instead make a red star and all of a sudden the world was filled with those. So while not in a traditional sense, it does make you feel like part of the world.


Another feature I find interesting to mention is the ability to unlock a printable tutorial of how to make the creatures of the game in real live paper. At minimum I see it as an incentive to look for collectibles.

In regards to the music, it fits well with the game but in my opinion it isn’t special enough to deserve much praise, contrary to LittleBigPlanet 2, MediaMolecule previous game.

One thing I though I should mention is that while the game is not as short as I had heard it was before playing, it is not particularly long. I think I took something between 6 to 8 hours to beat it. In comparison, I beat Super Mario 3D Land in less time than that and I loved it the same but I don’t remember people complaining about its length. (Maybe it is because it’s more challenging, who knows)

Overal while not for everyone I found Tearaway to be a great experience. It’s fun, relaxing and full of charm. It’s one of those games you can just keep playing without the need to take a break and you are having fun all the time.

+ Charming
+ Creative

– Too easy

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