Dead Space 3 – Short Review

Dead_Space_3_PC_game_coverThis will be a short review, maybe not even a review as I am not going into much details, so forgive me if this feels like a small rant but given my disappointment with this game I’ll just try to right to the point.

Dead Space 1 and 2 while not perfect in my book were pretty enjoyable all the way through, especially the second game. Unfortunately Dead Space 3 is a huge disappointment, even considering the fact that I wasn’t expecting much after reading a great deal of negative reviews.

So, with the conclusion in the wrong portion of my review, in the beginning instead of the end, the only thing left to do is point out why I didn’t enjoy it.

The game went for the slow paced style it previously had to what feels like wave after wave of enemies. With this, they all feel lifeless and just a boring stop on your track.
The objectives are shallow, just go here and there, with some “puzzles” that are in no way fun or even make much sense, be it to the story, the moment or anything.

The graphics while good, don’t do much to impress, and that is in my opinion because most of the scenarios feel like a “copy paste” of the previous room you were at with some exceptions. It does feels much more alive than in Dead Space 1 but not as good as Dead Space 2 and much less original then either of them.

The plot isn’t engaging in any way but take this with a grain of salt as I never liked the plot of Dead Space games. However unlike this one, at least they didn’t make cringe my teeth as how boring this is.

The saving grace in my opinion is the sound which is still very good and helps put you in the world they created.

Overall, there could be more points to go through why I didn’t enjoy this game but they weren’t all that, just worse in my opinion. In summary, this game isn’t horrible, but it is a bad game, a passable and forgettable one. It in some ways reminds me of Resident Evil 6, it could have been a lot better, but it isn’t. At least Resident Evil 6 while also a disappointment has a lot of ups and downs, this one just gets worse.

Disclaimer: I just couldn’t bother to finish the game, so take this into account.


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