Journey – Review

journey-game-screenshot-1-bA long time ago I downloaded this game called Journey from the Playstation Network, and for some unknown reason I waited too long to publish my opinion on the game, so no more delay.

Being it from the same creators of the game Flower which I liked a lot, I though this was one I would have to try out.

I will purposely not go into many details as I don’t want to ruin anybody’s experience with this game because let me tell you right out of the bat, this is a treat and if you let yourself get connected into the world created you’re in for an emotional experience.

In Journey you play as a hooded figure in the middle of a desert trying for some reason reach the top of a mountain far away. Along the way, if you’re connected to PSN you may or may not encounter another player which you can choose if you want to travel together or not.


You go through many places and events during it, and if you choose to travel with someone, like I did, even though you can not communicate with one another with anyway besides a one button move in the game, you somehow create this indescribable bond and comradery and before you realize, you are doing everything together and even waiting for one another until you reach the end of your journey and a great feeling this is.

Technically Journey is a blast to watch. In many ocasion you may want to simply stop and appreciate all the enviroments and the details there are on your adventure.


The music is another aspect that is worth mentioning as even though it is not a grand blood pumping music it is so good because it is exactly the opposite, which is exactly what this game needs. It is so relaxing and it creates so much of the atmosphere you somehow grow attached to it just as much as everything else.

In all, if you would like to experience something different from your usual game I say Journey is a must. Even after taking so long to finish writing this review, just remembering the game makes me want to play it again and experience it all over again.


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