Uncharted 3 – Review

So, after so much praise Uncharted 2 received how does the sequel stands up?

I’ll go straight to the point and as the text goes I’ll elaborate on it. While it is a great game I find it to be a disappointment in some areas. Bear in mind that some of those disappointments are subjective and some criticisms are founded by what Inthink the previous games of the series did better than this one on regard to some things.

The plot
By itself I think it was really good, especially bringing out moments of Nathan and Sully’s past however there are moments in the game where it appears that were only there just for the sake of creating that certain scene or level, weather it’s relevant to the plot or not. Without spoiling anything but just for illustration of my point, the boat level, while certainly thrilling and great to watch and play seem like it’s just filler with no reason at all for being in the game.

The old characters are all great but the new ones, with the exception of the main villain feel just forgetable.

The gameplay
Now here it’s also a mixed bag. I hated the fact that this game is so focused on the average to bad hand-to-hand combat. Apparently the developers (Naughty Dog) heard somw criticisms of the combat in Uncharted 2, so for this one they tried to make it better, only to make it like a watered down version of a combat of a game which has good combat. Like many people said, and I thought the exact same thing when I played the game “it feels like a crappy version of Batman Arkham Asylum/City”. It also has the button you need to press on the screen, making it feel like a horrible quick time event.

The gunfights are less frequent, less meanngful, less fun and shorter. For agame that has a big multiplayer, I wonder why.

One critic some may argue but a huge amount of people seems to agree, as Naughy Dog is working on a patch to fix it, the aiming in single player is a mess. By all means, it is far from unplayable but certainly takes you out of the experience.

Even though I said some moments feel tacked in just for the sake of being great, while I feel it’s bad from a story standpoint on the other hand, as far as gameplay goes, these scenarios are spectacular, so we lose in one side and gain in another.

One thing I certainly loved is that there are much more puzzles in this game and that they are harder and Nate’s journal only gives you a small hint instead of a straight out answer.

Music and Graphics
As far as the rest of the game goes, it’s all wonders. The graphics are gorgeous, each place really feels unique, fresh and amazing to interact with. These places are brought to live with the help of the amazing music which never fails to impress.

I don’t consider myself to be a multiplayer pro when it comes to shooters, actually quite the contrary so I won’t say anything about balance and stuff like this. What I will say is that I’m having a lot of fun with it and for a person that rarely get’s caught into multiplayers in shooters I thing that’s certainly a plus.

Overall …
My enjoyament with Uncharted 3 was great. It may sound I was a bit too hard on e game but only because it had some big shoes to fill in. In comparison, I think this game is by no means better than Uncharted 2 but maybe it is better than Uncharted 1.

+ amazing atmosphere and scenarios.
+ great puzzles.
+ graphics are mind blowing.
+ Origins of Drake and Sully was fantastic

– bad aiming (which probably will be patched).
– tacked in moments unrelated to the plot.
– too much hand-to-hand combat with bad controls.


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