La Piel que Habito – Review

I must confess I’ve never been much eager to watch Pedro Almodóvar’s movies, not out out of prejudice but the plot in some of his movies I’ve looked into never appealed to me.

So how did I end up watching his latest movie The Skin I Live In (La Piel que Habito in original) you might ask? I got an invitation, read the resumé of the movie for about seven times until I decided, thinking it should be “okay”. Little did I know I was in for a unique experience!

This is a hard movie to talk about without spoiling something, so I’ll say as little as possible.
The movie stars Antonio Banderas, who plays a respect surgeon and has in his house, hidden from everyone else a woman on who he does some skins test has been obsessed with since the death of his wife.

A little too short of an introduction, I know, but believe me, you’ll thank me later I didn’t spoil you anything.
This movie wastes no time in getting you hooked up into its fabulous plot. Not only it’s mysterious and shady, you later in get a flash back that gives the movie a complete new perspective and it ends with a brilliant and touching ending.

I truly have no words to how much I enjoyed this movie. I can’t say much praise it will get but if anything, it’s unique and by far the best movie I’ve seen in this year of 2011.
If you like movies, a good story, something unusual, well played characters and even a little more, you should definitively watch this movie!


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