Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Review

I didn’t know much about this movie when I decided to watch it but I heard it had the hand of Guillermo del Toro, the man responsable for Pan’s Labyrinth, so I certainly wanted to check it out.

The story is about a young girl named Sally who moves to go live with her father and her father’s girlfriend. It’s a big old house, as her father’s job is to repair it and try to sell it latter for a better price. Being an old place it’s also full of secrets and mysteries, like that one you see right at the beginning of the movie. As the plot goes, Sally starts hearing voices calling for her name and alongside that strange things start happening around the house.

Without saying much I believe that is as much as I’d like to say about the plot to not spoil the movie but I should mention that the movie has a grate pace to it, so one should certainly be curious for what is about to happen after each moment.

One thing I should note that I loved about the movie is the lightning. If you have seen Pan’s Labyrinth and can recall a dark tone to every locale, every room looks more eerie than the previous, all the setting in general are really good and contribute to give credibility to the movie.

Every shot can bring you one step further into the movie.

The actors are good. Nothing outstanding but nothing bad either. I personally think Guy Pierce, who plays Sally’s father, is a good actor but his role for the most part of the movie doesn’t require much.

For last, for all the horror fans out there that like to see a new creature, these strage voices do show later on, and to my pleasure, they are very believable. Nowadays when there’s so much CG in movies, it seems that it’s not easy to make something the audience can take for believable but these certainly do. They manage to be scary without being cheese, ridiculous or any other cliché seem before.

Overall, for anyone in search of a scary movie that takes itself a little more serious but without being over the top I recommend this one. I personally wasn’t scared but I certainly enjoyed the movie and what it had to offer.


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