Limitless – Review

Limitless was a movie I remember seeing the trailer in the movies, thought it might be interesting and when I finally got my chances of watching it I was quickly thrilled!

This movie is about a regular guy named Eddie. He’s a writer who doesn’t write, looks like he’s had a bad night of sleep for a month straight. To put it short his life is a mess, that is until he meets a person he knew from a long time ago and decided to help him by giving him a pill which enhances the use of a person’s brain. To put it simply, the person who uses it becomes competent at pretty much everything they decide to do. Once the protagonist starts using the pills the movie starts getting fast but still at a good pace so you can keep up with everything that is happening.

The plot pulls you in in such a good manner that you start to feel in his shoes. It also has its amounts of twists to make you want to pay attention to every detail.

One thing I’d like to point right from the start is that the cinematography for this movie really outshines. For example, when the protagonist Eddie is himself, without taking pills and feeling like crap the movie has a bluish tone and darker tone, like the lightning you see in “The Fight Club” for example; when, in the other hand, he takes the pills and is brighter, the movie is clearer, the lightning is beautiful, the scenary seems to pop out of the screen, even the actors look more atractive. This in my opinion was a nice touch that made an already good movie into an even better one.

One movie which I also like and I think I can compare to when I finished watching it is “Wall Street”. Not in the same ways but how things progress and take a turn of events.

For the actors, Bradley Cooper, the protagonist, I always found him amusing in movies like “The A-Team” or “Hangover” but I’ve never expected him to be so much better. I like when some actors which are mostly related to comedy are given a chance to do something different and you get surprised to see them bring up their A game.

Overall I found this movie got me hooked to the screen from start to finish, had a really good plot, nice twists and an enjoyable mood. It even has a moral to it in the end, I just don’t want to say anything about with fear of spiling something, so check it out yourself!


One thought on “Limitless – Review

  1. I really enjoy watching this movie, too. Bradley Cooper is a decent actor, other than the movies you mentioned, the first couple of times I remember him was in The Wedding Crashers (he plays the asshole boyfriend of Owen Wilson’s love interest) and The Midnight Meat Train, which he plays the protagonist really well.

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