Black Swan – Review

It’s so hard when you hear so many good things about a movie because you create an expectation about it and if this becomes too big the movie becomes a let down.
Fortunately this is NOT the case with Black Swan which I recently watched.

In short, Black Swan is about a ballerina named Nina which after a long time of hard work gets to be on the spotlight but then she starts to get outshined by the newcomer Lily.

It seems like an easy plot and as a matter of fact it is but of course it does have its twists and also it is so well told and in such a way that the audience is always amused or as apprehensive as the main character to find out how things will turn out.

The movie also has a dark bluish tone to it which I really enjoy and you barely see sunlight in it so you probably feel as trapped as Nina is.

Performances are over the top great. It really brings you into the movie and I can say while watching it I couldn’t thing about anything else. Natalie Portman really steals the show here. She’s so convincing the whole movie, especially in the parts where she’s “different” (I don’t want to give anything away to avoid spoiling the movie for anybody) . She’s not alone and every other actor with her is also great with a mention to Mila Kunis which is great here. Surprisingly I couldn’t see much of her besides “That 70s Show” and “Family Guy” because she is great.

Technically the movie is simple. No fancy scenarios or expensive sets, all pretty simple and just as effective. The details in the main characters room or the lack of details in the ballet studio gives you the exact idea of what could be going through her mind.

For the last the one thing nobody can complain about the movie. Even if you didn’t like the movie for some reason, which sure can happen, the soundtrack is simply perfect. Sure it was to be expected of a ballet movie but even so it is still fantastic.

That is it, and if you haven’t seen it in time for the Oscars try to and let’s hope at least Natalie Portman can win an award for doing this great movie.

Original post date: Feb 7, 2011


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